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Do you work for a food and beverage OEM? This is how to use automation to improve output and efficiency with minimal costs.

Cost-effective food and beverage automation solutions from Schneider Electric have enabled thousands of OEMS, from bakeries and breweries to dairy plants, to streamline production and increase efficiency.

Are increasingly stringent laws and regulations slowing down your operations? Is customer demand growing and changing faster than your plant can adapt?

It’s not just you; it is in the nature of the food and beverage industry that laws are frequently updated and that consumers are constantly searching for something new and different, or for something that will meet their taste and nutritional needs at a low cost.

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If you feel like your operations are being left behind, we can help find the right solution for your food and beverage plant.

Consistent high quality

Dispense exact measures of ingredients and ensure your plant always fully complies with hygiene and safety regulations.

Reduce picking and handling time

Increase flexibility to adapt to trends and reduce downtime due to mistakes

Speed up packing process

Pack, label and palletise products faster and even produce your own packaging in-house.

In addition to your free consultation, you will also benefit from our status as a certified Industrial Automation Distributor for Schneider Electric. Our certified IAD status is Schneider Electric’s seal of approval of the high level of expertise we offer to the industrial automation sector. It’s also the reason why we can offer such attractive discounts across the whole range of Schneider Electric Automation products and software.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. This review is just one example of the hundreds of businesses we have successfully advised and supplied.

Get in touch today to claim your free consultation. Our industrial automation experts can help you minimise downtime and adapt to changing trends and pressures.

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