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Legrand Wiring & Panel Building Solutions

Available from Burnand XH, Legrand is the world’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and cable management systems. Their wide range of products includes:

  • - Cable Tray and Cable Ladders

  • - Distribution Trunking

  • - Busbars

  • - Power Track

  • - Desk Modules

  • - Lighting Control

  • - Isolation Products

  • - Transformers

  • - Contactors and Timers

  • - Full Wiring Accessories

  • - Enclosures

  • - Terminal Blocks

  • - Cable Marking Systems

  • - Plug & Sockets

Legrand Metal Trunking Cube


With a 15% share of the global market, the Legrand Group is the world specialist in cable management systems. And with the Swifts cable ladder, Swifts cable tray, Salamandre distribution trunking, Cablofil steel wire tray and Legrand floor systems, its cable management division has a firm leadership position in the UK.

Legrand Power Distribution


From Zucchini's cast resin transformers and comprehensive range of busbars, to Electrak's power track, desk modules and lighting control, Legrand's provides market leading solutions to the increasing demands of today's buildings.

Legrand Circuit Protection


Much more than just a vast selection of switches and sockets, Legrand's wiring devices division includes Bticino door entry and home systems, Arteor building automation and wiring accessories and Legrand lighting management, consumer units and an extended range of industrial and power protection products.

Legrand Circuit Protection


Including enclosures and equipment; Transcab panel trunking; power distribution and protection; isolation, control and signalling; Viking 3 terminal blocks; cable marking systems and accessories; and industrial plugs, sockets and combination units.

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