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Mechanical Handling Systems

As part of the SCE group, BXH is able to provide a complete range of control gear for cranes and overhead lifting equipment.

SCX group structure

The group’s expertise in bespoke mechanical handling solutions as well as the servicing, repair, modernisation and relocation of overhead cranes and lifting equipment, means we have a greater knowledge of the control requirements for mechanical handling and lifting equipment than many of our competitors. Through the SCE group companies, we are able to install complete mechanical handling solutions to maximise the performance of your lifting equipment, reducing downtime, improving plant safety and increasing productivity, and we are able to offer unbeatable discounts on many Street Crane products.


Series & Ultimate Limit Switches

Series Limit Switches

Sometimes referred to as "overtravel limit switches" these devices are designed to carry the main power supply to the machine. They can be arranged to firstly slow the machine as it nears the limit of travel, and then to stop the machine when it reaches the limit; here the main supply is broken by the switch contacts, thus causing a complete stoppage.

These switches are ideal for ensuring the safe operation of heavy mechanical handling equipment, such as cranes etc.

Ultimate Limit Switches

Ultimate limit switches are positioned to provide a backup safety system whereby, in the event of the first limit switch failing, they serve to break the power supply to the machine, bringing it to a complete stop. Once the ultimate limit switch is tripped, the machine cannot be driven until the system has been reset and confirmed safe for use.

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Control Stations

Pendant Control

These devices are mainly used at ground level for control of moving tackle such as hoists, small travelling cranes, overhead cranes etc. They comprise devices such as pushbuttons, key switches and signalling devices.

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Joystick Control

Joystick controllers are mainly used for control of movement on one or two axes via an intermediary contactor, e.g. for movements of translation/direction or raise/lower on equipment such as cranes. They generally support 2 to 8 directions and can comprise several contacts per direction, with or without return to zero position.

Certain types of joystick controller can be fitted with a 'dead man's' contact in the operating lever.

Special joystick controllers can be manufactured to suit your application.

Remote Control

As well as offering flexibility and freedom, remote control units can also improve safety, reliability and even contribute to the operating characteristics of your crane functions by automating certain processes through their programmable functionality.

As part of the SCE group, BXH can offer unbeatable discounts on the Street Crane range of remote control units, with Street Cranexpress providing the integration of these units through conversion of your current systems.

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Power Systems

Festoon Systems

Cable or hose festoon systems provide a safe & economical means of supplying power to cranes, hoists and moving machinery travelling along fixed tracks. They are suitable for carrying flatform cables, roundform cables or flexible hoses supplying electrical current, compressed air, gases and liquids.

Conductor Systems

These are specifically designed as a means of obtaining a safe, efficient, reliable power supply and are available in two basic formats:

  • - Enclosed 4-pole conductor systems with continuous copper conductors,

  • - Insulated single bar systems based on options of galvanised steel or copper conductors.

Both formats are ideal for use on electric overhead travelling cranes and monorails.

For all your power system requirements, contact the friendly team at our sister company, Street Cranexpress.


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