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Plastic enclosures provide permanent and safe protection for many electrical and electronic systems.

Systems are supplied with pre-assembled parts for ease of use and are available as compact or modular systems to enable the construction of many different configurations, with coupling possibilities in height, width and depth.

A variety of door options are available, from a plain door to a transparent door, single or double doors, and all effective even under severe working conditions.

Units can be insulated or even double insulated, to guarantee maximum safety for the operating personnel, and the Eldon Uniplast plastic enclosures in particular are constructed from high quality polyester, are tested according to UL norm UL746C§26 “Ultraviolet Light Exposure” and have been shown in practice tests in a moderated climate to be resistant against outdoor use and aggressive chemical environments for at least 20 years without loosing the quality of the enclosure.Legrand plastic enclosure

Customised products can also be supplied in different colours and with knock-outs for all kind of applications like ventilation control equipment etc.

Plastic enclosures are suitable for a hige range of industries and applications, including; leisure sites, market places, camping sites, harbours for pleasure crafts, fuel stations, car washes, laundries, service enclosures for construction yards, shipyards, mining, automotive, paper & pulp, food & beverage, petrol-chemical, heavy industry, transformers, system monitoring, water treatment plants, waste management, telecommunications, traffic signalling systems, traffic management, public transport, energy distribution, cable television, public lighting or railways.

We also offer glass reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosures, for use in corrosive environments (quaysides, chemical industries, dairies, etc.)


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