Panel Building Products

  ETE Transformers


We offer a full range of transformers designed to meet most applications, from standard single-phase panel-mount transformers to custom-built products to meet customers' specifications.

  • Single-phase transformers 1VA to 500kVA with AC or DC outputs
  • Three-phase transformers from 50VA to 2MVA with AC or DC outputs
  • Single-phase to three-phase converters
  • Auto-starter transformers for Korndorffer method of starting
  • Enclosed transformers IP43 to IP55
  • UPS systems
  • Toroids
  • Frequency converters
  • 110V site equipment
Boardman Transformers ETE Transformers                            
  Flexible conduit & fixings

Flexible Conduit & Fixings

Flexible conduit is commonly used for the protection and containment of vulnerable electrical cables, wiring and fibre optics. It is an extremely effective form of cable management, available in a variety of systems, and can cope with a diverse range of environmental factors and operating conditions.

Flexicon’s products have been developed and tested to the most demanding quality standards and have been awarded quality approvals and compliance worldwide.
  Terminals, cable ties & fixings

Terminals, cable ties & fixings

  • Copper tube terminals & splices 1.5mm2 – 1000mm2
  • Bell mouth cable entry 6mm2 – 240mm2 (specials as required)
  • Insulated terminals 0.5mm2 – 6mm2
  • Insulated vinyl grip
  • Insulated copper grip
  • Non-insulated grip
  • End terminals
  • Nylon cable ties 80mm – 1000mm lengths
  • Stainless cable steel ties 150mm - 1050mm lengths

Pre-insulated Crimps:

Pre-insulated crimps

  Terminal Tools

Terminal Tools

  • Insulated terminal tools
  • Non-insulated terminal tools
  • End terminal tools
  • Copper terminal compression tools
  • Cable cutters
  • Wire strippers & kits

Terminal Tools:
Terminal Tools


  Core End Ferrules

Cord End Ferrules

Cord end ferrules provide a neat end termination to tri-rated cable and multi-stranded wires.

  • Available in both the French and German colour coding systems
  • Also commonly known as bootlace ferrules or cord end terminals
  • Available in packs of 100 or 1000 pieces as standard
  • Manufactured from tin coated high conductivity copper with Polyamide 66 insulating sleeves
  • Cord end ferrule crimp tooling is available from our extensive range of tools

Bootlace Ferrules:

Cord End Terminals




  Cable trunking

Cable Trunking

Burnand XH offer an extensive range of PVC control panel trunking, which includes open slot, narrow slot, closed slot and solid wall types. There is also a self extinguishing Noryl trunking which is zero halogen and low smoke. Accessories include additional lids, dividers & rivets. All trunking comes complete with lid.


Cable Marking Systems

Burnand XH offer a wide variety of high performance cable marking solutions that cater for almost every application. Standard, pre-printed solutions are available off-the-shelf as well as those specifically printed/etched to our customers' specifications. Other solutions enable the customer to print their own markers.

    Partex Marking Systems
  Self adhesive marker cassettes

Self-adhesive Marker Cassette & Refills

These self-adhesive markers come in a cassette containing 10 rolls of markers (approximately 500 per roll). Standard cassettes contain 1 roll of 0-9, and letter packs can be made by ordering empty cassettes and refill rolls.

  Braided Sheathing

Braided Cable Sheathing

Braided Cable Sheathing for the enclosure and protection of cables and hoses.
Used in all types of electrical and mechanical installations including power, telecommunications, automotive, marine, aircraft and domestic appliances.
Woven design enables any number of cables to branch out along the assembly.
It is easy to use and is best cut with a hot knife or soldering iron thus sealing the end to prevent spraying.