Mild Steel Enclosures

Extremely cost effective for general purpose applications where impact resistance may also be a consideration.

Mild steel enclosures are not recommended for outdoor installations, unless care is taken to position the enclosure away from the most harmful environmental effects (a canopy fitted to deflect rain water and an appropriate surface treatment and paint finish applied).

Rittal enclosure

Burnand XH offers the largest range of wall mounted mild steel* enclosures in the UK.

 *Stainless steel and plastic enclosures also available

Burnand XH offers the largest range of wall mounted mild steel* enclosures in the UK.


As well as Schneider, Eldon, Rittal, Tempa Pano and ETA, Burnand XH are able to source other manufacturers to customers’ requests, but we believe the following range suits 99% of requirements.

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Rittal double door enclosure Schneider enclosure

Eldon enclosure




Stainless Steel EnclosuresStainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless steel enclosures are ideally suited for more demanding applications; for example where hygiene is important in the food and pharmaceutical industries, or in the harsh environment of petrochemical plants and offshore environments.
Stainless steel enclosures offer high corrosion resistance in aggressive environments and so therefore are are offered in options from 304 grade, used commonly in most applications in the food and industrial sectors, to 316 grade, for applications in a high corrosive environment.

Advantages of Stainless:

  • High performance material
  • High corrosion resistancWatertight stainless steel enclosuresestainless steel enclosure
  • Low maintenance so can be more economical long term
  • Resistant to many aggressive materials
  • Withstands most aggressive environments
  • Suffers only cosmetic damage from scratches with no detrimental effect to performance
  • Can be regulary washed down
  • Non ferrous material (non-magnetic)
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