Heaters, Fans & Thermostats

We supply a wide range of temperature regulation products for electrical enclosures, including wall, roof or tray mounted cooling units, heaters, monitoring equipment, climate-controlled enclosures, climate-control doors and air/water heat exchangers.

Stego fan

Fan and Filter Units

Filter fans are used to provide an optimum climate in enclosures. The interior temperature of an enclosure can be reduced by channelling cooler filtered outside air into the enclosure, thus expelling heated internal air. The resulting air flow prevents formation of localised hot pockets and protects the electronic components from overheating.

Outdoor Filter Fan

Outdoor Filter Fans

The outdoor filter fan can be used in outdoor enclosures where warm air has to be dissipated on account of increased thermic development. To clean and exchange the filter mat, it is only necessary to open the lockable door of the outdoor hood. A protection type of IP55 is achieved due to the special design of the hood and the use of fine filter mats. The plastic casing is impact resistant, highly weather proof and resistant to UV light.

Roof Mounted Fan

Roof-mounted filter fan

Roof filter fans and roof exit filters find use in enclosures from which warm air has to be diverted due to increased heat development.
The ready-to-connect and low-noise roof filter fan, which houses four axial fans, is used to expel warm air generated by the stray power of the components from within the enclosure. The roof exit filter provides passive ventilation.

19 inch fan

High performance 19" fan tray

This is a compact high performance fan tray for enforced circulation of air in switch and server enclosures, and for concerted cooling of 19" component groups. It improves natural convection and avoids the formation of localised hot pockets. Also available with integrated thermostat.



Due to fluctuating temperatures condensation can form in enclosures. This can lead to serious malfunctions or, worst case, to component failure. Convection heaters protect against low temperatures, thus preventing the formation of condensation. Furthermore fan heaters provide air circulation and ensure constant temperatures in enclosures.


Regulating and Monitoring

Prerequisite for the clean operation of your components is the right climate in your enclosure. The right climate can be attained by a temperature and moisture control system. Thermostats and Hydrostats are used for the control of heaters, filter fans, heat exchangers and air conditioning equipment. They activate when set temperature or humidity values are exceeded or unmet. Additionally ventilators can be monitored to ensure the smooth function, for example, of filter fans. The airflow monitor detects and signalises fan malfunctions or blockages.

Airflow Monitor

Airflow Monitor

The airflow monitor (NC / NO) is designed to indicate the loss of air movement of a fan or filter fan. The contact detects the loss of air movement caused by fan failure or blocked filter media, regardless of direction of air. Its simple mechanical operation makes it a viable alternative to electronic monitoring systems.


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